My first post here, i hope this will not be offensive to anyone.

-Modeled, sculpted and rendered in Blender.
-Textures done in Substance Painter.
-Final touches in Photoshop.

looks as ugly as intended. another great example of the creativity that takes place here.


It takes a lot of talent to make something this repulsive.

Love the texturing. Great job.

wow very good, the naked rat body is very creepy.

I cannot get enough of watching it … I would like to know the background story … was they gambling? The dead one has metal teeth, seems to be a boss of a gang.

Thanks all for your feedback.

Lux, i’m not sure about the story, last year i found a raw sketch i made at school many years back, so, i decided to recreate it in 3d just for fun!
Here’s the sketch

And another render

This is definitely something different and you created a very stark rendition. Technically brilliant and by all means something remarkable. While it isn’t pleasing and nice to look at, it is fascinating at the same time. Good job!

Welcome to the forum. I’m really impressed with the texturing. You get a better appreciation if you click to see the full-size image.

I once used a rat in a project…luckily mine didn’t meet his demise :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8jNs5mMCbY