Here is a Flying, cartoonish raven. possibly to be used for an Edgar Allen Poe school project. Maybe.

click on the raven one. its necessary.

by the way i dont check the forum often so in the rare event that someone replies, i most likely wont see it until 11-o-clock GM cantral time-ish.

It’s best to put a direct link

hey you know I really like your character design on the bird. you should try doing a nice flapping cycle with him so it loops. I really like what you’ve got so far! keep up the nice work! :slight_smile:

Streen, maybe you just didn’t understand the point of “it’s necessary”. The server doesn’t permit direct links.

Anyways, I think it was fairly simple. He could look like he’s actually flying, but its a good start. Reminds me of the good old origami days of paper cardboard.

thanks all of you, this should propably be in the WIP section, but oh well. i’ll post an AVI in a few minutes and before too long hopefully make this into a scene for my project. due monday. by the way, you’re right BrianH about the origami.

“the extension avi is not allowed.” piece of crap. jeez. oh well, hope this works…

       I went through a lot just to post [this](http://d.turboupload.com/d/182719/Raven_Flap2.avi.html)

also, zip and html files are not allowed. ugh. at least it works, i think. anyway if you can put the thing on loop and thats what i meant it to look like, mostly.

seriously, this should be in the WIP section. I should probably just make a new topic… oh well. i’m working on a poe character, got htis so far.


here is Poe with arms and legs. arms look very square to me…


It almost looks like Poe… I can’t quite decide if I should do something with the hair. It does not look very good. Then again, I can’t really do much to it, unless I miraculously learn how to use Hair Paths or watever.
In my opinion, it looks pretty awful, but most school projects turn out that way anyhow.


Heh, he looks very amusing. I like the hair.

thanks, but, i’d say the hair really doesn’t look like Poe… oh well. Just finished the vertex groups, i think, and am procrastinating the armature. I have a question: how do you merge .blend files, or transfer models and objects from one .blend to another???

Seriously, i need to know the answer to that question, maybe someone could give me a link or something? Please hurry up if someone is going to answer.