Ravin Rabbits

Here’s my latest finished work.

EDIT (for quick viewing) - a new pose:

What do you think? :slight_smile:

I saw this on t.v!!! its on an advert did u make them?

The TV advertisements you saw were made by Ubisoft artist.

Not me :rolleyes:

oh lol!Great work though…perhaps maybe consider a toon shader…

cool!!! Like this characters alot :smiley:

Looks nice! Perhaps some form of eye socket though would look good.

I don’t think they have eye sockets. :stuck_out_tongue: Heh, nice work.

EDIT: Don’t their teeth stick out though?

Nice job.
That looks just like them.


Thanks for the comments.

Their teeths don’t stick out and they have no eye sockets.

Here are some reference images:






lol that little screenie thing is firkin hilarious

Haha, when i saw that on TV I knew someone would recreate it with blender! Good job



Couldn’t resist mate.

Ohmygosh…this is AWESOME! It looks exactly(if not better than) like the original from Rayman(I wish I had this game for the Wii). Thats friggin hilariously awesome(especially the rocket one:D)! Great work…Keep it up!


Thanks MagicDude.

Nice job- it’s pretty similar to the original except for a few slight problems.

-Ear texturing is opaque. Should “blend” with the white like the other texturing.

-Ear is not concave at all. This can be achieved with an inward extrusion and scaling if neccesary.

-Head should be longer and get narrower towards the bottom.

-No eyelids. You won’t be able to give it any expression without them.

hey nice style and good recreate…

apart from what alden said, no they don’t have eye sockets but the flow of the face is still respectful to the eyes - there are indentions so that the eye doesn’t look like it cuts off the face. and they’re a little too far to the sides imo.

Awsome style.

Yes, I notice those errors after I posted the images Alden.

I forgot to paint in feathered mode when I was in Gimp to make the ear texture blend with the white.

I did have eye lids but they were not thick enough to see it in front view. This is what I mean:


Yes the ears aren’t concave. I couldn’t tell because I was only using a front view reference image. I didn’t have any side views.

Thanks for the pointers :slight_smile:

New pose guys:


lol, he is funny