I have been work on this ravine set up but could not seem to get the photo realism that I want

Here is a render

  1. You need to work on your lighting. Everything’s much too dark and evenly lit.

  2. The sky is too saturated. Unless this is another planet, it should be much paler. And if this is an evening scene it should be a little pinkish.

  3. I can’t really tell what’s going on. It looks like there’s some sort of fire in the background, but what’s burning?

  4. There’s no clear focal point in the image, so I don’t know what to look at.

  5. It looks like the texture on the rock is too low resolution.

There is an easy way to figure out what to adjust: imagine you picture made from three flat pieces of paper, kind of collage —one for water, one for rocks and one for the sky. Which color/shade is which? All future details must follow these color relations. If sky is lighter than rock, nothing in the sky can be darker, than rock and so on. In nature, if you have no artificial lights, sky will always be lightest, even at nighttime.

Xanderzoo as for the focal element there is a cave where the dark spot is, in the top left corner, but could not find an angle that you could see the rest of the scene i believe if i change the it would help