rawHide - a script to toggle - show - hide


two things about the toggle hide/visibility in Blender drive me mad:
1 You cannot really toggle, especially in Edit Mode
2 If you unhide components they are all selected, ‘destroying’ any selection you made until this point

So, I decided to write this addon. Since I am not very experienced in coding, I want to release the addon in this early state. Feel free to give constructive criticism. I think it better to improve the basic code, before I extend it.

For now the addon works only in 3D-View and only for meshes in Edit Mode.
The first I want to improve, is looping over objects consistend. Hopefully this makes it work in the Outliner as well.
It shouldn’t be too hard to extend it to bones, UVs etc in the future.

Related to:

Notice that the addon inserts new shortcuts:

They will only be active after you deactivate the defaults:

Here the addon:
rawHide.py (11.8 KB)