Ray traced glass tumbler

I have a few projects on the go but this is the first thing I am happy to show. Rendered in Yafray with full GI and best quality. Took just over 11hours to render.


The model and material is perfect but the essential to make this image alive is missing: A scene! Glass takes a lot of its color from the surrounding area.
You really should make a scene (no need to make it fancy, just a marble texture on a plane and a HDRI image would do so much good to the image.

Add some caustics. The shadows aren’t natural at all.


Like someone already said, the shadow needs fixing, they should be refracted a bit since the texture of the glass. But the Glass is a very nice design. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, working on a bigger scene to place the glass in at the moment. Here is a test of caustics, think it could still do with some tweaking of the settings though this is obviously a bit time consuming to play with.


That second update has way too many caustics, and in the wrong places too. For your current scene setup you can use the photon lamp method to get caustics, but when there’s HDRI…you’ll have to ask someone else.

My 101st post! :smiley: