Raycast along hit normal

Hi all, i’m struggling to work out how to cast a ray along the hit normal of a hit GameObject.
Has anyone any ideas?

I was playing with the ray sensor and vectors to align an object to the surface the ray hits, I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for (after all, I’m a noob programmer), it might be soething more complex that you seem to ask…

Let me rephrase my question.
I know that the hitnormal function returns a vector, which is an orientation.
I also know that you can use alignaxistovec to align an object to a vector.
However, i want to be able to cast a drawline from the hit position 20 bu along the normal, without objects. I don’t know how to align a vector by a normal

I knew it was way much complex that you let out…
Are you trying to make a path with the normals?
Hmm, my level is too elementary to even start designing such thing.
How about using the faces or vertices? I believe you’d have to use a reference object in all cases. For example, get an object to draw vectors to the normals of the object. so that A is the reference object’s position, and Bn+1 the multiple points to the object. Then use all Bn1 and Bn2 for Vector(Cn12). I see a triangular solution then…
Err… it might just be nonsense… how embarrassing…

Don’t worry, im not quite sure how to use the normal, it’s not behaving like a vector to represent normal, when i drawline

Draw a line between hitposition and hitposition + normal.magnitude(20)