Raycast Vehicle But Inverted Assembly Demonstration (Wheel To Body)

Just passing by to share my very messy brandy new approximation of car physics for out bge racing projects:

its a component who starts on the wheel itself (self = this_wheel) and finishes wrapping itself into car body, this thing make large new possibilities like allowing you to script truthfull different wheels(with different sizes and reactions) also assembling and disassembling then w/o braking the whole car(cause each wheel have its own raycast wrapper) and allowing you to add many wheels anywhere of your car(r truck or spaceship) and also letting you to wrap those wheels in something who is a part of another thing like as wheel of a airplane with retractable wheels column or even as part of a rigid body steering system allowing us to make alot more natural ways to steer or on rigid body axis where the wheels are on the tip of it making a rigid axle back suspenssion with raycast wrapper. the downsides are: pretty mutch more confusing to work with than default arrangement, probably a litlle slower(if a huge amount of wheels are created at once).
By the way i just finished to put it to work and even not finished to code controls and a dynamic conection between the said “vehicle” where the wheels cast also a better way to change suspenssion and make it persistent between different wheel setups and tire properties. but since i do not have time to finish now and want so bad to show this to you all here the blender file is just here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vx80iv6LgfO5imEf66bvZGEaJ9F8jPjS/view?usp=share_link ^-^ hehehe.
Actually the blend file have the only script and a car falling down to ground proving my inverted aproach work, next thing to do is a way to tell for my car what are the wheels him have and make him to control wheels behaviours like steering and acel. braking. later finish the way to assemble and disassemble on the fly. i have the idea for those things already but since i have almost no time free i dont know when i come back with something else.
so lastly please forgive me by my terrifiyng english(i’m bad even my natural lang), and yes actually this is sort of code share to you look at and make something else you want, i will work alot more on this later trying to expand to a complete system of procedural car creation inspired on how car mechanic simulator works, cause my dream car game still not exist (even if my summer car got close).