Rayman WIP

I’ve started practicing 3D modeling with blender this last weekend after seeing some online training.

I decided to make Rayman (the videogame character http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rayman) as I think it shouldn’t be too complicated to make.

The hands need retopo, so do the shoes.

Currently I’m stuck with the head, I cannot get the base shape right.


cartoonish characters actually aren’t that easy to rebuild in 3D. but it already looks a little bit like Rayman. maybe make the nose and mouth seperate objects. Then you can better organizethe face parts. But if you want to keep everything connected as one part you have to resculpt some parts. The mouth should be just a flat plate under the nose and the head part behind the eyes is a bit to thick. i wish you good luck with that one :slight_smile: