Why do i always need Ray Tracing for shadows

Buffer Shadow is only for SpotLight and that isn’t giving mutch light

When i make it larger i need to change other settings and again and again

Why not making a Buffer Shadow for the other lights

But don’t ask me!

I don’t know any Phyton

You could use Buffershadows for a spotlight set to shadow only and use another lamp for lighting if desire.

You can buffer lamps with the Yafray engine.

Ray shadows are more accurate.

YafRay is a RayTracer soo

And my pc is too slow for YafRay

You can bake shadows via Radiocity as well.

i’ve read about it but i don’t know
is it very functional with animation and advanced stills?

because buffer shadows simply can’t work that way [at least with a single buffer, with more than one you might as well be using a ray shadow]

If you care about rendering times, buffer shadows is awsome. Its real fast and you get heaps of control over what objects are in the “shadow cone”. Thus its easy to optimise a scene for perfomance. this can be important for animations, where blender renders are not so good at cacheing previous frame calculations.



For my own, I often use buffer shadow, and I think that it allows much more control on the light and shadow parameters, with a much shorter rendering time.

Raytracing gives hard shadows, which look not very natural.

I also think that a feature like buffer shadow would be very usefull with ordinary lamps.


What I would do is use a ShadowOnly spot lamp for shadows, another shadowless lamp for lighting, and a no-shadow light for reflections etc.