Raytracer causes blender to CRASH

I am playing around with the fluid simulator in 2.40 RC 1. The fluid simulation works fine. When I set the original fluid object and the obstacle object material to ray trans these render fine. When I set the material properties for the fluid sim created mesh Blender crashes on render. This only happens with the fluid sim mesh is set to ray trans or ray mirror and happens both with blender internal render set to raytrace and with yafray.

I am running windows XP
1 gig ram
XP altholn 2700


Seems others are having the same prob.


And yet no one seems to know how to fix it.

BE, salted: I wasnt able to reproduce this problem - if you could send me a .blend file that causes this for the RC1 version (mail to nils at thuerey dot de, or post it in the tracker), it’d be great…
Thanks, -> Nils

I am trying to reproduce it now. I dont understand, it seems to be working now. It was being so consistant before(not working),

Good ol’ IT hack.
It never works until you call IT and all of a sudden it works :]