Raytracing Clash

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I’ve been trying out the water features with the new blender version, they’re surprisingly easy to work out considering I’ve never even touched the physics functions before…

Anyway, I’ve got an animated scene where a cube of water drops into a glass and it works perfectly animation-wise. But there’s something wrong with the glass. I’ve left the lights at their default settings and have looked at the numerous transparency tutorials for raytraced glass. I haven’t touched anything else.

Here’s the resulting image:

As it’s clear (haha), the ray-transparency is working. But it’s not taking shadows into account. The only part that’s showing transparency is the top where the light can enter. So how do I get it to combine Ray Transparency with Ray Shadows?

blender’s built in renderer doesn’t support caustics, so there isn’t a really good solution

the “traShadow” feature is for making colored filters cast colored shadows, it doesn’t allow the bending of light that glass and water demand.

But if the developers managed to work with the rays to bounce off a polygon with all the effects then why can’t they get the rays to pass through a polygon with all the effects?

My suggestions are to increase ray depth

And turn on “TraShad” transparent shadows on the plane below the glass.

If you want to generate some caustics, then I would use yafray as your render, it supports caustics. Get it at www.yafray.org :slight_smile:

I definitely think increasing ray depth is the best idea (if you don’t want to use Yafray).