Here’s an image I’ve started work on. I’m in the process of modelling a hand for this scene now. But in the meantime would be nice to get some feedback for it.

It looks like youve merged 2 kids of razors… theres the box razor blade used in utility knives… it has a metal handel side for holding the blade you have the SHAPE of this handel on the back of your blade but its not done properly…
the other type… which has the hole in the middle that you moddles… is that of a replacable shaving razor… which is double sided for its sharp edges…

Im sure there are otehr types out there… but these are the most common 2.
And thuse. .to me at least the blade dont look right.

another crit is the shape of the grout in the right tile intersection seems to have some moddeling problems to it.

final is the blood, at that thin it would have a good deal of transparency on the blade and the main tile but thicker where its pooling…
try making 2 seperate material settings, one for the thinner blood and one for the thicker.

as for the hand… what you have here is enough to get the point of the image across but leaving enough out to have room for interpretation… adding a hand would imo seem a bit too much.

So if I understand you correctly, I’d get a better looking blade just by making the other edge sharp also? Maybe I should just mirror it alltogether along the longer side.

Yep, I redid the floor, it seems to have gotten borked at some time. Good eye.

I agree with the blade, but am not so shure about the floor. Maybe the smaller pools should still get the “see-through-blood”.

And what I have now for me doesn’t do it. It lacks a punchline. I’ll try with the hand coming from the top with a bit of DOF and see what it looks like. Thanks for your input.

Here’s a first one with the hand. Maybe I could even dip the thumb in the lake of blood. Don’t know yet. Any pointers/ideas/comments apreciated, as allways.

And maybe I should change the title to “Reaching out”.

I think that the fingernails look too flat from the bottom (where the nail begins :slight_smile: ), make them more round.
and the texture (in the hand)seems to stretch in some points…

heres a very basic site covering all the type of razors out there.
Its kust to give you an idea what i was refering to when i spoke of you merging the single edge box cutter and the double edged shaver.

Either way… further crits.

  1. The finger nails are TOO wide for the fingers… look at your own hand… the finger nails dont reach all the way across the fingers.
  2. NOBODY goes for that color green lol… if your going for the suicidal depressed feel make them black like most goths or something.
  3. the specularity ont he blood needs to be turned up considerably… its a wet material and thus is overly shiny untill it dries.
  4. the black fingerprints on the blade istelf is too much and unrealistic… the only way those would be left is if the user had his hands in ink before… yet the fingers are clean of any black stains… thus the unrealisim.
    try toning down the color variation for the prints considerably tot he point where its barely noticable.
  5. too much orange. the color is dominating the hand… the blood on the razor its even dominating the grout… if this is an image theme… then ignore me… we all have our “blue” periods… but to me its looking like a orange lamp is being used on everything and the more i look at it in detail the more its throwing me off.

As in ‘pull the center of the nail away from the palm’? Yep. And I guess the nails were dipped in green paint, not nail polish… :slight_smile:

I thought I’d get away without UV-mapping the hand, but I guess I’ll have to unwrap it.


Mine looks now like the double-edged in the new render. I’m sure those center holes vary with each manufacturer. That look ok?

You are right.

Well… in the world of suicide pics the ‘I’m so goth I’ll just die11’ would be the ultimate cliche I think. :smiley: So none of that black-teen-wannadie-stuff.

So it just might be your average 2kids-housewife who’s decided to call it quits.

Duly noted.

Yep, I forgot to turn those down. But how about fingerprints you can hardly see? Those you might see in an old, rusty, dirty blade.

No, it’s not actually a theme… I think the probe I’m using has an orange colorsource or something. And the hand might have come from an carot-overeater now that you mentioned it. On the other hand I like the tile material very much and think it’s nice. A bit orange, yes, but I like it.

What do yo mean by this?

I prefer it without the hand.

i meant on the orange… it was a bit of a typo… the blood on the razor AND the grout… its all orange-ish in tone… theres even orange specks IN the grout… lol.
As for the hols in the blade thats fine… and those holes is there the razors actually grop the blade… but i was wanting you to see the difference in types where your FIRST image was like a double edged but had the square flat back side of a single edged box cutter.

and if the light has a orange tone to it… try a white… sift yellor or even a light blue and see how they turn out.
Perhaps its all the orange that caused the poor thing to kill itself?

i think the hand knuckles need those little swirly things.
and the blood looks like it stops too abrupt at the crack

Ok, thanks everyone. You’ve given me a long list of things to fix.

I think it would cause anyone to kill themselves :smiley:

Yep, the hands lack all wrinkles. If I remember correctly, blood is quite a thick substance? But I’ll look into the whole flow of things.

blood IS thick… but not goopy… when its warm… its VERY runny and thin… it has to cool down andcoagulate before it gets goopy.

Well I tried to get the blood looking better and made a sewer opening. Don’t mind the upper ‘branch’ of the blood for now. I had some problems with the hand still, maybe I’ll have to redo it alltogether. Also removed some of the orange from the grout for ex.

the very last update is quite nice. I love the fingerprints on the blade :slight_smile:

the hand has to be really good to stand in this scene. perhaps could we see only it’s shadow on the ground? It would be more dramatic and more suggestive.


EMO, other than that, It’s looking good.

Yep, I agree it would have to look pretty good. And I’ll kick myself if I can’t texture it that nice (as I see it, I could pull off the modelling side of it).

But I can’t see how the shadow could work in this scene. I mean, the suggestive side is kindof ruined with the flowing blood, don’t you think? :slight_smile:

Everyone is ofcourse invited to suggest something to place in the upperright quadrant of the scene as it is now a bit empty. And I wouldn’t want to move the camera too much as I like the placings of the objects now.

Things that could go in the corner…
Another razor blade…
Wash rag…
Knocked over bottle of shampoo…
Spilt pills with bottle…
Mini booze bottle…
Artist logo or signature.

Now that sounds like an idea! I did allready model one, I’ll have to render a new pic when I get some time from my gamecube model.

just one question, how did u model the blood? meta balls? or photoshop? or another technique?

could you plz share it?