RBR track - for low poly game

Hi all, it’s my first preview in this superb community.
I’m big fan of racing games and it’s will impress me make some new track for rally game (best in 10 years - Richard Burns Rally). That’s mean, I’m work with low poly model and just in viewport…

First is Karowa SSS, location in Poland (Warsaw)
His track not all by me, first author was T34. He make mesh and models in BTB (Bobs track Builder). But, RBR support two different tracks formats - native and for RX plugin (which is exported from BTB…) Any way, I want convert it for native RBR formats (who allow, in game, different road surfaces, allow include weather settings and moveable objeckst…) Thats what I did - remesh all project, reduce poligons make new mapping update and add new modes on and now its looks like new rally track. Important that its first working rally track don with Blender!

And how its look in game:

Another project, all I did in Blender is Haguenau SSS, now he is in progress, but its will promising :wink:

Nice work.
What is the poly count of this track?

This looks sweet! Im a bit confused though. What exactly was done in Blender? It isn’t very clear to me in the description :confused:

Process was: import old scene (from BTB) as cuple 3DS files. Because BTB authot, don’t think or did not know, how make ready track for native RBR format. It was basic, all models as “wall”, wall on the wall like layer, white road line arrows and others have own models to. For game, RBR is old game, it’s need as possible less numbers of poligons and main ground must to be as one mesh… I don’t know how explain. I object by object, vertex by vertex combine it’s to get her, remove small textures and put all in to one big texture plate. One to road, second for vegetation and so on… Reduce about half poligons from BTB project and add more new models (made in blender) (like vegetation, 3D and 2D humans, some buildings, a lot of road sign and others road objects. Finally, I move all vertex in this project and make new UV mapping. From old project, I leave road configuration and really great full textures form houses…

What is the poly count of this track?

Hard to say, because in the same project I have duble count of object. One is Blender project, second ojects redy for X file export (it’s required different scale and axis position…) Mem:101.59M (277.48M)

Sorry again, for my terrible english :o

Integration straight to RBR, with Blender, is impossible. If you think, that it’s with Game engine, no - just “road track” mesh. And after export to X file format. Only this file format (sad that he have some material limitation and can’t used bum map and others filter…) support program - exporter to RBR (game)