RC Car game

Hi all

I need someone to help with an RC style car game im making using the CarSetup.py, the car seems to scratch and bounce along the flat plane and i’ve tryed most things to solve it.

if anyone can have a look and solve the problem i’ll pay to have it fixed

Many thanks

Hi there,
i am trying to see the image but could not able to see it clearly we a have 5+yrs experience in this field and cost is very low. please PM PM with your skype id we can work now itself.

If it’s what I think it is, try changing the Collision Bounds type For the ground or rood you’re on by selecting another form the drop down window; it’s under the Physics tab on the Right of the Properties Window. You can see in “Game” next to “File” click on it to Show Physics Visualization; click the check box next to it to see what your car might be hitting, my guess is it’s an edge making a face into two triangles. Which might only be there with one type of Collision Bounds.

I had this problem with my First Person setup. I hope that helps you out. If you still want to pay; though I don’t thing it’s worth it if it was that easy. You could message me.

Hi James, can you post the blend and your CarSetup.py script?

I’m interested in helping. PM me if you want help.