re- linking a character

Hi I have created my character using flexrig and done an animation for a few seconds. which i was really happy with. But i decided to make some changes to my character (doh!) and now its obviously not running through the animation as it did the first time. The character is linked and so i was expecting it to work.

So my question is can i re-link my character to the file so it keeps all the changes i made to it and i dont have to do the animation again.

Stupid of me top make changes I know but ce la vie

Many thanks for your help

I think any changes to the mesh will destroy the rigging and the animation.
The usual way to do this is have the mesh and rig in a separate file. By appending it to your animation file you can animate it properly. Then updating the mesh means you need to re-do the rig, but there is no effect on the animation, as long as the bones are in the same place (otherwise it all gets screwed up).

Did you make changes to bone names ? Because that definitely breaks links. Keep them if possible. If you want to remake the link because your source file (the one you pull the character from) has changed names, you can change it in the outliner, “blender file” view, there you’ll find the file path and you just need to edit it by hand.