Re: Producing particular type of Normal Map Texture

I just converted this to PNG, I would like to know how to reproduce this type of normal map, settings or what software to use.

the process involves making a secondary high poly version of your model, which you then sculpt, and use render baking / normals baking to bake the normals of the high poly object onto the UV coordinates of your low poly object.

Or shift back values where they need to be on the same image. This looks closer to nm imho, not that it’s perfect ofc.
Gimp and Normalmap plugin involved.

Thanks guys.

@ Modron
That type of normal map I see mostly used now and yes I’m also using xNormal.

@ eppo
I would like to know how the version that I uploaded is made. It’s from an old asset way back 2007 - 2010. Is this a different technique? and thank you also for the conversion.

Nevermind, it looks like the renderer that I’m working on accepts the new type. Thanks again