Re-purposing Existing Models - New Futuristic Project

Very excited to start this thread! The plan is to start re-interpreting existing free models into more futuristic versions of themselves. Here is attempt number one! I downloaded this beautiful cash register model from Polyhaven and decided to turn it into some kind of cyberpunk computer machine… the goal here is to have as much fun as possible and to create as realistic a model as possible within a couple hour session. Thank you Joe Seabuhr for making such a great model and putting it up for us all to use and be inspired by!
First pic is the original model…the rest are some screen captures and some renders. Thanks for looking! Will try to do one of these every day or two so check back!

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Took this a little further. …Added some more detail including dust/hairs which isnt really visible but I’ll work on that later. Had fun quickly sculpting and texturing a severed head in Zbrush and incorporating it into this scene. I think that’s all for tonight!

Uploading: AOL.png…