Re-time VDB files

Blender can`t re-time vdb files? wanna slow down smokes.

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Playback is linked to Time Remapping, so you can change the New field from 100 to 200 too slow down the playback by 50%. You don’t get actual interpolated new VDBs, but the playback is slower.

Thanks. but this is incredible stupid solution of Blender. 2021 year and Blender can`t retime vdb. they try to do Blender application of 3d industry… I wanna try synchronize retiming alembic file with imported vdb files.

if you guys still need a way to do this, the fastes and simplest way was to
creat an AutoHotkey script to delet every 2 fame (for 2x speedup, or 3,4 …)

Herese a link to the script that I used:

after that I used a batch renamer to rename the files in order, so the
seqence works again.

There I used this program:

This is the only viable way that I found that is also pretty quick. it’s a bit hacky thou.

Would love if they would implement a setting to change the VDB sequence speed directly in blender.