Reaaally need help :)

Ok, for the first time, I want to pay some attention to light and texturing. So i made a simple model and added some lights. And voila: the first problem was there.

There are no realistic shadows. And with ambient occlusion i got a lot of noise in my render.

Please: does anyone have a solution for me? :spin:

PS: it’s really a simple model. So please: don’t pay attention to that part xD oh and: there is a glass frame arround the model and a glass plate under it… i was experimenting with some settings :eyebrowlift: It’s supposed to look like a tv hehe

Raise the number of samples in ambient occlusion.

i did… but still… but : this is a picture without ambient occ :slight_smile: it’s only my area lights… there are six of them… all with 5 samples set

Please:) i need some help with this

Why are you using six areas?
The principle of an area is to have a wide spread source of light with one light…
It is entirely possible that all those areas are putting light in the shadows of one another.
Oh and did you press the ‘Ray’ button in the Render panel?


You have area lights, right?
because if you don’t it won’t work.
Also try turning the samples up to 16
and if you have several area lights, it will help to.

Have you tried building from source? The latest SVN builds use new techniques to achieve more realistc lighting. It also has cubic sampling to fight shadow rings. If all else fails, why not try using an external rendering engine?

For still picture renders with glass, I suggest using Indigo as it can achieve realist lightning easely.