READ FIRST: About the Resources Forum

Hello and welcome to the Blender Game Engine Tutorials and Resources Forum here at BlenderArtists! Please take a minute to review the posting guidelines for this forum before you post.

The Resources forum is for posting material of interest to other Game Engine users. Note: this forum is for Game Engine related resources ONLY! The Tutorial forum for other uses of Blender can be found here. When you find an interesting tutorial (or write one) or if you wish to give the community a gift such as a free model or a script, this is the place. Acceptable threads for this forum include:

  • Tutorials

  • Free model

  • Free Textures

  • Good news site

  • Interesting articleThreads not acceptable for this forum include:

  • How do I…?

  • Check out my new game!

  • Game seeking team members

  • Please help me do XRequests for specific help or information about the game engine should go into the Support forum, and games and demos should go into the Games forum.

Remember when posting resources to clearly state in both the Subject line and the message body what your post is about. This will aid people in searches. Do NOT post threads in which the title is “New Tutorial” and the body is just a hyperlink.

Also be sure to rate threads using thread rating tool. If you find a thread especially useful, give it some stars!

Happy posting!