READ FIRST: About the Support Forum

Hello and welcome to the Blender Game Engine Support and Discussion Forum here at BlenderArtists! Please take a minute to review the posting guidelines for this forum before you post.

The Support forum serves a dual purpose: to get help with the Game Engine and to discuss game engine improvements and modifications. Acceptable threads for this forum include:

  • How do I…?
  • Is it possible to…?
  • Could someone help test this file?
  • Tutorial requests*
  • What features will be included in version X?
  • New feature for version X
  • Question about integration of feature X

Threads not acceptable for this forum include:

  • Check out my new game!
  • Screenshots of my game
  • New tutorial
  • Textures
  • Free models

This forum is for technicalities of the Game Engine. Games and demos should be posted to the Games forum, and tutorials or useful things of any kind should go into the Resources forum. The Support forum is only for questions or information specific to the Engine.

Also note that this forum contains the archive of GE threads created before the new forums were implemented.

*Athough you may request tutorials in the Support forum first, it is always advisable to check the Tutorials and Resources forum first to make sure that the tutorial you want doesn’t exist already.

Happy posting!

Remark by Monster:

The thread owner has the possibility to mark a thread as [solved].
You can do that by opening the thread select the Thread Tools dropdown and
“Mark this thread as solved”

To alter the title of a thread open the top post in advanced mode.

Threads with no activity for one year or more will be closed automatically. If you need it open report (lower left side /!\ of a post) it and state a reason.

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Plant, you’re the “mod of the year”!! :slight_smile:

Thanks. However, I expect my productivity to be somewhat lessened when the semester starts again…:no:

Thanks for the information mod. Now we need one of this on the other 2 forums of the GE.

encodi, there are.