Readjusting individual parts of given sample texture?

hi guys,
I’m quite new to this forum and the software so please be patient with me. :spin:

I built a box measuring 200cm*(~)45cm*(~)40cm

(the stripes are turned by 90° now)

In the middle of the box I installed two screens, each facing outwards.
In blender 2.76 I rebuilt that box with the difference of it being of infinite length.
The inner walls I taped and painted just as I did in blender.

In blender I got those stripes while playing with the sample wood texture. Settings in picture

Now that I set it all up I discover that some of the taped black stripes ( precisely the upper half of the stripes on the right side ) do not match horizontally with the stripes in blender ( respectively on the screen ), I marked it in red.

I know that the best solution would be to just readjust the particular tapes/stripes but even though it sounds quite easy it actually would mean a lot of effort for me.

My question now is: Is there a way to simply move individual stripes of the “Wood-Texture”? Or maybe make it an UV-Map and edit it in this mode? ( I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m willing to learn!)

I hope and guess some pros around here will be able to provide a very simple solution for me! Thankful for every advice!
the noob :o