Ready for BGMC 13? :: Aug 17th

Hey everyone! I feel it’s been a decent break since the last BGMC, so who’s ready for another? (This is my first time as the coordinator, so we’ll see how this goes. Lucky 13, right?)

Right now I’m looking at the week of August 17 - 23 (2014 for those who are wondering). Prizes and themes are still yet to be determined.

If anyone would like to suggest a theme, date change, prize ideas, volunteer for anything, post questions, sarcastic remarks, shrieks of joy, or anything else, please do so below. Nothing is 100% set in stone yet (except probably the dates) so let your voice be heard!

More details to come.

Well, here are some themes.

> Space
> Rotation
> Thoughts
> Anger
> Earth
> Control
> Influence
> Age / Growth
> Falling
> Lines (like, geometric lines)
> Sound / Music
> Sight
> Senses

A prize idea could be a game. I’m sure I can dig up one or two to gift from my library that might be interesting to someone.

Random Themes:

-Exploration (One week may not be long enough)
-Summer (so original)

Idea for a prize:

A brand new Audi, courtesy of the competition host! :eyebrowlift:

old school style game. like starfox, stunt race fx or doom for the snes. make it more of a focus on game play over graphics.

Yay at last another BGMC :smiley:

Concerning a topic how about a recreation of a certain classic game like “breakout” where contestants can add special features and nice graphics.
Or distributing a game skeleton where the contestants have to write the AI for an actor to achieve a certain goal.

I like the idea of recreation of an existing retro game. That could spawn a lot of cool games.

That ^

Other ideas:
-Corny game show
-Dairy products
-Postal service
-Sex appeal

Definitely the car.

I like this retro theme idea! As for prizes I personally think we don’t need them, sure it’s fun to have something, but being in charge of the next one and getting your name in the hall of fame is already awesome. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself, but I like to compete because it’s fun, the fact that we all get to see each others work in real time, and see the reactions when the contest is over is prize enough for me :slight_smile:

idea for theme “Mech” / FF3 / Steampunk - minigames for old rpgs?

I second (or third) the suggestion for retro.
I’d love to see what people would come up with for a retro game. There’s so much material, art resources are no hassle and gameplay can be simple but addictive. Even n00b blender game makers could take part by making a pong remake.

‘Retro’ sounds like a good theme, everyone seems to like it.

@TheLaurent: I completely agree, even if there is no prize, I cannot wait until comp week.
Half of my ‘finished games’ come from competitions, that’s rewarding enough to me!

I agree, retro does sound like a good idea.

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How about a rule about using existing resources? I’ve got several systems that I can plug in to a new project such as ai or modular terrain. How about saying we can use such things if we share a version of it in the resources forum?

That is a rule already.

I have another Idea for a topic… Cyuberpunk future cowboy…

Just a heads up, the theme and rules and details will be announced sometime Saturday (I’m trying to pick a time that is fair for people in the far east time zones as I am in the far west) so that you have approx. a day of brainstorming. The contest will begin on Sunday at your local time.

Watch for the announcement post!

^ What time locally?

I’ll join this one.

You can begin making your game at 12:01 AM Sunday, your local time.