Ready to use lighting modes

Hi, I am struggling with the lighting setups. It would be nice to know whether there are any ready to use lighting modes for 3.0 or 3.1. A free one will be great.

I use both Eevee and Cycles. But mostly try to use Cycles as it looks better for me.


You mean you didn’t found anything with search words: blender lighting setup …like this for example:

? :question: … or any tutorial… ?

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Thanks. I did try a few tutorials. But I guess it will take some time before I actually get better at it.

Here’s what I generally suggest: making frequent reference to standard lighting setups such as “three-point,” build your lighting from the bottom up.

“The bottom” is what you use to make sure that the darkest areas of your scene are adequately lit, so that there are no “opaque, featureless shadows.”

“The middle” is what you use to provide the general environmental lighting effects – this is “outdoors,” “indoors using lighting fixtures of thus-and-so color temperature,” etc. Everything is “evenly and adequately lit.”

“The top” is where you consider drama, and where you seek to direct the viewer’s eye in evaluating a scene.

The human eye is immediately drawn to the “brightest and most-contrasty” element of a scene. From there, it wants to trace a circular path around the scene and to wind up where it started.

Books which discuss the “real-world lighting” of actual photographic, theatrical, or motion picture setups are very valuable to the digital illuminator. (Notice, however, whether the authors of these texts assume film vs. digital cameras being used, because the light-handling response of these two physical mediums are by now very different and this does influence the lighting strategy in the real world.)