Real Camera 3

Real Camera 3 addon for Blender 2.8 DOWNLOAD

  • Blender 2.8 support
  • Added real time AutoExposure for Eevee and Cycles
  • Removed ISO and EV controls

We finally added real time Auto Exposure for Eevee and Cycles, this feature is like eye adaptation on other render engines like Unreal Engine.
Auto Exposure automatically adjusts the exposure (brightness) of the scene based on sampled pixels luminosity like a real world camera.
Auto Focus automatically sets the focus point based on the center of the camera.


This addon is awesome! Thanks for all the time put into it!

We are experiencing some strange issues though. It seems to be working regardless of whether or not its checked in the Render Settings. We’ve got a scene that we set up, added Real Camera and enabled Auto Exposure. Then turned off Auto Exposure and we’re getting no change. Tried with a blank scene and an HDRI background. Got the same results. Checking Auto Exposure on and off has no effect. It’s on regardless. And that’s slowing the viewport down tremendously to the point where we’ve had to disable the addon.

We’re looking forward to the updates on this. It’s a fantastic tool and adds tremendous abilities for those of us using Blender for real-time visualization.

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Hmm… note: it won’t work properly if you have multiple viewports in the scene opened at the same time.
Please could you send me the blend file you are having issues with?

Amazing work, trully amazing ! this need more publicity