real copy of objectLastCreated? python

Hi Folks,

Can i create for a mesh a real copy with python in real-time?
Because i want to modifying the uv-s positions for all mes individually (animated texture scroll). With objectLastCreated seems created an istances and if i modifying one mesh uv it will change for all mesh too.

Thanx for help.

With 2.50 you get some functions to create/copy the meshes. There was a thread recently discussing this.
With 2.49 you get pre-build meshes only.

Hi Monster!

I searched the solution on BGE forum but i cant find any answer can u pointing me where can i find it or a documentation what function can i use.

Thanks again.

See this thread:

for some info check this thread:

you will not find that much documentation, because this is pretty new.

Thx for help :wink: