Real FX Studios Hosts: GlassWorks Images (c)

Like i promised i have more images from my Real FX Studios portfolio from the subdivision called GlassWorks Images (as always others are welcome to submit there “GlassWorks Images”!) Thumbtacs (scroll down for update)

i have more coming but my connection is going bad so i’ll have to post those in the future! :frowning:

Okay, your photon count needs to be much higher, or use the QMC and/or blur buttons. The little points of light look entirely unrealistic, and really should be avoided. Try to work with a good balance between either QMC or the blur setting to get sharp caustics without any odd dots.

yes i understand what you mean and i upped the photon count to 1200000 and the results are on the way. Here is another version! more images coming!

Well it isn’t the thumbtacs but it is a large version of my avatar : Preparation for Supper

It isn’t the best but i like it alot! my best work (yafray atleast) (in my opinion)

comments welcome and more images coming as soon as possible! others are welcome to post!

While not particulary interesting from an artistic point of view (the scene itself is pretty elementary) it is a nice render. The depth of feild seems a bit too small but it is a decent render nontheless.

here is the long awaited update!

hope you like it - enjoy! :wink:

another is being uploaded as i write…

Like i said here is the other one!

Hope you like it - enjoy! :wink:

No offence, but why are you making such simple, boring models? They may be accurately modeled and rendered, but frankly they’re just boring and pointless to look at.

Why not challenge yourself and make something absolutely stunning? rather than little things such as glasses and paper clips.

Wow, I’m blown away by Preparation for Supper. That is VERY cool looking. :smiley: You’re amazing with these caustic thingies. :wink:

was there going to be a tutorial on cautics?


the tutorial is posted under it’s own wind so check it out!

wiggie: i did the low stuff just cause i saw it in real life but now i am working on something more complex (first an outdoor scene then an interior) so you can expect more complex stuff in the future!

someone said “challenge yourself with more complicated images than simple yet accurately modelled objects” so i replied “i have an outdoor scene i am working on” and now here it is - it isn’t the most complicated but it is a yafray image with complex shadows and lighting so i like it… hope you do to enjoy!

render time (5hrs)!