Real FX Studios

Real FX Studios website is now up and operational. It’s still being worked on, but most of it is up. While your there, checkout the message board, and signup. The site is If your a beginner, we will soon have a ‘Blender School’ that will teach you the basics, plus some advanced stuff. After you get done with the ‘School’ you will be able to work with the other beginners to make a game. Once you signup, pm me(FCmagician) at the forum to let me know if you want to join the school.
Real FX Studios

Ok, I have to be totally honest here. This kind of thing annoys me greatly – Apparently you are a group of artists who have shown outstanding achievements in graphic art…so how come I have not seen any evidence of this…from any of you?

Such grandiose statements at the very least deserve artwork that backs it up…not a single one of your links has anything even remotely resembling “content”.

No offence intended, but when you make statements like the one above, then put little ™ copyright logo thingies on nearly every one of your links, then you should expect to get hammered by those of us who know what “outstanding achievments in graphic art” really means.

A few links to outstanding artists:

Maybe I took this reply too far, but I doubt it…

hmm…maybe I need to be more supportive…it’s clear that you have ambition…so Im sorry for the harshness of my reply…but surely you see how this kind of thing is irritating? :smiley:

Yea, I see what you mean. But we just got the site up, and we are working on completing the site(including adding pictures, etc.) so we will soon have pictures of our work.

i think its a good idea. obviously no one is gonna visit ur site if u call it ‘crappy 3d junk’. even tho ‘outstanding’ mite’ve been somewat ambitious, i think the other posts were way too critical. good luck!!

Whoever designed that site must think everyone has a screen resolution of 1600x1200.

My res is 1280x1024 and even when I maximise the page, it still doesn’t fit properly.

The banner itself takes up more than half of the page and the buttons are so massive they take up two rows. Don’t you think it would be better designed for a max res of 1024x768?

Designing for this resolution would mean the page has to be no more than 955 px wide to compensate for borders and scroll bars on the browser. And it would be a lot more user friendly. :wink:

do the “outstanding achievments” include the design of the website? really, guys, i appreciate any efforts in making teams, establishing platforms for artists etc., but be honest in what you’re doing. pretending to be something that you aren’t won’t bring you any sympathies. i also don’t mean to offend anyone (because i’m sure you’re doing this with the best intentions), but don’t fool ppl. - intentionally or by accident.

so here some of my crit-points:

  • don’t use ™ unless you really have registered those names - did you?
  • find a name that represents more clearly what your group does. right now it sounds like a commercial uber-studio with strategic divisions targeted towards very specialized market-niches… which it isn’t, right?
  • don’t write abt how good you are, especially when you cant proof it.

i hope you don’t get me wrong.

The HOME button doesn’t work (no links).

I think you will run into limits on free geocities. You should look into a paid host.

  1. that page is HUGE, visually. doesn’t fit in my browser, even at full screen, I’m running at 1024x768.
  2. it’s not always a great idea to announce a site with such an announcement as your own, then people go there and see… NOTHING!
    IMO, it would have been wiser to have a few images in each section, and maybe a little bit of text before “going live”.

Before we redesigned the site, the screen resolution was to small, so the background was messed up. We didn’t want the same problem, so we made the resolution higher, a little too high. I’ll be sure to have it fixed. The home button doesn’t work when your on Real FX Studios home, or any of the sub-divisions, because you already on the homepage. To get back to Real FX Studios home, click on the FX at the top left of the page. Geocities is just temporary, until we get the site completely up and running. We are putting up pictures and will have it done in a few days. We have a lot from the old OIF:The Game site(to get to OIF, go to Inspired 3D-OIF. The old forum can still be found there).

I have to agree with all that has been said already. smaller resolution will do wonders to your site.

Also, I find the over all design little bit ugly. I admit, it’s clear, but well, it’s not very atractive. That’s my two cents.