Real Life Bulbasaur! (Chris Folea: Pokemon Master Episode 003)

Hey everyone!

In this week’s episode, I encounter a wild bulbasaur!
All CG effects done completely in Blender and rendered in Cycles.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!



^That’s pretty cool! The coloring seems a bit dull - you could use some more saturation and darker skin freckles, and the claws are pretty much the same color as the skin. I think a lighter or darker color would help. In any case, it’s looking pretty great!

I agree with previous poster, it looks to me like plastic toy moving with motor than something alive. Though the model is actually very good , the texturing and the materials are not real like at all. You have done very good job with light but the animation is not good it feels very mechanical. Camera tracking is excellent it really puts the pokemon in the scene.

Overall again I agree with the previous poster this a very cool video , well done.

Very good. I watched your videos before, but didn’t know what was done in Blender. Excellent work.

Oh whoa I assumed this post had sunk into the depths, never to be seen again…

@SolarLune: Thanks for the constructive feedback! Much appreciated! The toes are green because that’s the way they are in Bulbasaur’s original design. They’re more like nubby toes than claws. I figured the camera would never get close enough for it to matter haha :wink:

@kilon: Rather than saying “That’s bad,” which is very unhelpful, it would be more constructive if you said “That’s bad, now this is how you can fix it.” It’s hard for me to use criticism without knowing what to change.

Animation unfortunately has to suffer a bit because I can only spend about 3 days working on each of these videos from start to finish to stay on schedule.

Thanks again for the comments and feedback, everyone!

That is pretty awesome! Love the way you modeled it!