Real Light Sources

I am working on an image of a room that contains a number of light sources which are globes. How can I get these lights to give of light and appear like a bulb. I’ve tried putting a light inside the globe and making the globe somewhat transparent, but that doesn’t seem to work (maybe I’m doing it wrong). I have had to resort to turning up the Emit value to make it look like the bulbs are giving off light and then lighting the room with other lights.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

well u have it some waht right. turn up the emit value. and turn on Radiosity.


you have to give the geometry of the globe a glowing shader!


you have to give the geometry of the globe a glowing shader!

cekuhnen: Could you explain how this is done, how do I use a glowing shader to produce light. I can get the sphere to glow, but no light is given off.


By radiosity, are you referring to the old Blender readiosity that almost no one (including me) knows how to use?

Dont know waht u mean by old but check up there ^^^^^^

Headcheese: That works, although I’m not sure how I would handle running radiosity in my final scene which is pretty complex. Thanks for the idea.

I still curious to know if there is a way to acheive this effect with standard Raytracing in Blender.

I have figure it out.

thats a test blend i posted on my site download it and look at waht i did.

You could always try using Halo. Add a sphere (it works well with a low number of vertexes), then in the materials section (F5), click HALO on, play with ADD and the other tools and pretty soon you’ll have a nice glowing globe. It’s easy to add a lamp of whatever type you need to make it light objects around it – right in the middle of the globe since no longer casts shadows.

Headcheese: I am getting a timeout whenever I try to get to your site. I’ll send you a PM with my e-mail if you wouldn’t mind sending it to me as an attatchment.

Freelancer: Perfect!!! That is exactly what I was looking for. :smiley: