Real photo vs render,a room

I try to make this render like real photo in lighting and rendering.first time that I render it I dont have a gpu so render without it on cpu(about 1 year before this).now re-render it with gpu.I put reference and render together here.
reference(Design firm Ruetemple, have transformed the attic of a house in Moscow, Russia, and made it into a private and relaxing modern bedroom suite with a mezzanine home office.)

old cpu render

new gpu render


I hope you enjoyt.blender+photoshop.


Why are the lamps on, when there is enough daylight coming in.
For the rest i love the architectural design and modeling .

the lamps are on,just because reference image lamps was on.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

wow thanks a lot.

I also have some plans to do better projects in future and there are some old projects that I want to re-render and manage to share here

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