Real-time house walkthrough

Hi Guys

my first post - so thanks for having me :slight_smile:

is it possible to do something like this in Blender?

I’m willing to buy any hardware I need to do so.

Should I spend some time to get familiar with blender-gaming?

Thanks, Duesentrieb

It is possible with Blender, but I expect you to be ready to model/texture yourself;)

it is possible for sure, but as said above… how good are you in texturing/modelling/scripting?
because that is the real question :wink:

Possible? Sure. Mostly.
You will have to be much more than ‘familiar’ with Blender to do something approaching this level of detail, though. If you are aspiring to create something like this and turning around and asking us if “experience is necessary”, you are setting your bar waaaaay too high.

All the hardware in the world isn’t going to give you the skills and experience you need to make this. That just takes ol’ fashioned Hard Work.
Granted, you would probably need a top-end system (as well as an anal amount of optimization) to be able to run something like that in BGE at the framerate they are playing their game at.

A noble endeavour, though! And not worth giving up on, if you have the motivation to pursue it.
Just know that you’re not going to be able to just sit down and make something like this out without knowing a hell of a lot about what you’re doing first, and putting enough work into it that you’re sick of looking at it by the time it’s finished :wink:

All the modeling, baking, texturing and lighting can be made in Blender, and the basic controls to navigate the space; but I honestly don’t think you can get that level of quality with Blender only, unless you also learn how to code a LOT of things for the BGE.

Thank you all for the answers.

I do understand that the models/light etc.

I am also interested in real time walkthrough, someting I can send to a client wich he can download or view on a website.
I am familiar with Blender but not the Game engine, is there a tutorial somewhere?

It is not possible, UE4 shading and lightning are far more advanced.Not to mention the performance and all the other features.
UE4 is the forth generation multi-billion engine developed for more than 15 years from hundreds of very capable developers. Its sole purpose is to make money for its creators, by providing top quality real next-gen features.
In Blender you can fake some of these visuals, however it will be far from the real thing.

P.S. This walkthrough was made especially for showing the latest possibilities in this engine, probably by an industry veteran…how on earth one can even thing to compare it with Blender :wink:

Actually, you can do all the same, but it will cost time, energy and also will usualyl be lower framerate…

No Adrians, you can not. Fps is the last thing that you should worry about. This real-time materials and lightning is impossible with Blender.

It is possible, use GLSL shaders(in python) and/or nodes, render to texture including cubemaps. And 2D filters. It will be almost the same, although BGE will still have some small problems(for example, seams in real time cubemap).

The way that UE4 renders real-time reflections,refractions, light sources and the whole ambient lighting has nothing to do with Blender nodes and 2dfilters. In UE4 the realism is real in Blender you can only fake it, but it still will be far from what UE4 can achieve.
I’m talking about the rendering algorithms and not the tools.