Real-Time Performance Capture

I’m looking to generate face models with various expressions for 3d printing [I’m currently using Autodesk 123D]. Faceshift costs $1,500 yearly, I can’t afford that. Is there a program like these for a one time price?

Disney Real-Time Performance Capture:


Thank you for your time :slight_smile: [Sorry, I know these links are old.]

If it’s for 3d printing, why does it have to be real-time? If you can get footage, you can use the motion tracking points to generate a model. A-like-a-so.

Very cool. Thank you. So, did he have to model the bunny? (Probably a noob question.)

I made the video.
Yes, the mo-cap gives you the points in space. I modeled the geometry to fit the points, but You could use the points to deform a base mesh, like in the videos you linked.
In those videos, they have a pre-generated base mesh that is hooked to the real-time mocap data. But, as I said, if you are using the data for 3d-printing, you don’t need it to be real-time. You could still just use a pre-generated base mesh and then use the mocap data to drive the mesh deformation… though, at that point, you may as well just pose the face yourself. The human brain is the best facial recognition system!

Thank you!