real time reflection with GLSL

i tried to follow the video tut on blendernation

but having some problem to get it work on my vista GLSL!

can somone help with this one

see file included i just add a simple object and tried to apply an angular map
but does not do what is shown in video in viewport with GLSL!

reflec261.blend (89.9 KB)


honestly it doesnt work for me either T~T…ive been trying to use GLSL for AGES…and it just wont work

what GPU do you have ?

i got G31/G33 intechipset with Vista 32 bits

so not certain it can work with these too

i can see the shadows move when i move lamps
but for more then that then not certain in GLSL

anybody else can test this on Vista 32 bits
and show us pic of what you see here!


anyone else knows how to do that on vista 32 bits?


ha! so thats why it wont work…my computer is trying to fake glsl with its CPU…Dang i need a graphics card T~T

there are some problems in the viewport like missing faces

but i did a render and it looks good!

but then is it usefull i mean i like to see some reflections
but also see some color or texture on the model

but as it is you need to basically remove all mat and texture and assign only one mat !

so is this possible using this reflection map technic or not ?

happy 2.6