Real time steceorscopy settings

Hello! Is it possible to change stereoscopy settings in real-time? It would be nice if you could make a graphics menu with 3D selector to turn on anaglyph. Change eye distance to make a nice DoF effect and set between different Stereo/Domes in-game. So, can we do it and how can we do it?

OK! I can’t see anything else expect bge.render.setEyeSeperation() in documentation! I don’t see a way to switch 3Ds or set stereo/dome on while in game. Yeah. In my case switching .blends wouldn’t help! Any ideas if there is still a way? Or someone could report this to BGE developer(s)? this or this using python. All options aviable there. Enable and disable. Is it possible?

I’m pretty sure you can make a stereoscopic shader and that solves everything. You just need some color offsets in it or whatever.