Real Time Volumetric Cloud

Continuing the series "BGE forever " :RocknRoll: I’m starting to develop a shader for real-time volumetric clouds :yes:. you can see the first test below…
Enjoy! :D:D:D


Just… awesome :slight_smile:
I guess the “volumetric clouds” are just the round shapes at front, and not the clouds in the background ?

That looks so awesome when it’s with the background clouds :slight_smile:

Thank you guys !
yep the volumetric cloud is in center “flying” xD
the Background is texture apply in sphere

mine is not working:no:



yea, i get the same as Helloooo
(i tried flipping the normals and that did nothing)

You guys got “broken windscreen” down tho’.

To generate the cloud volume is necessary to support GLSL shader because it is developed with the resources of the Node Material Editor.
The video card you have support GLSL?

I think it does, it is a Nvidia radeon 1950 SE with 256mb of vid ram. Although it doesn’t have pixel shader.:no:

I’ve got an ATI Radeon too, it definitely supports GLSL though - perhaps its a bug with blender and ATI radeon cards? [specific card is ATI Radeon X1300]

Awesome stuff, shaders ftw!

Can you post a picture of an object going through the cloud, just a bar or something. I want to see how it fades in (don’t have GLSL so can’t do it myself, but still, shaders ftw)

How does it work, put the shader on the object and texture it?

(Oh, and in english ‘Brasil’ is spelt ‘Brazil’ ;))

Sorry Guys!
I did not pack the texture… ><
probabily because it to be with bug rsrsrs
if not fix it , is problem in Shader to VGA
( OBS: My vga is a ATI X800GTO with newest driver )

with pack…

Biiiig hugs for vitorbalbio.

This is gorgeous. :]

looks pretty nice-
not to burst your bubble or anything, but I have to point out that the clouds aren’t strictly volumetric, as they’re hollow. Volumetrics are all about the way they intersect things- if you went inside the cloud and looked at, say, a mountain poking through the bottom, a volumetric cloud would simulate haze from the amount of cloud between you and the mountaintop, where these clouds wouldn’t. This is an improvement from billboard clouds, imo, because with billboards you can see sharp lines where they intersect with objects and so on.

Saypen/Helloooo: You need blender 2.48+, maybe an older apricot svn.

I have to agree with you. this is not realy volumetric cloud, maybe “3D Bilboard” is a more correct name :smiley:

Saypen/Helloooo: You need blender 2.48+, maybe an older apricot svn.

I’m using 2.48a… Could it be an alpha sorting problem?

I believe this is a problem in driver of Video Card… try download the newest driver.