Real-Time Warlock Character

Hey everyone! :grinning:
Today I’d like to share the latest project I’ve been working on during these past 2 months.

This is a real-time game character I created for the Warlock Challenge hosted by FlippedNormals.


Texture Overview:

High Poly Sculpt:

Sketchfab link:

Real-Time Warlock Character by Felipe G. on Sketchfab

See other artists submissions here:

Made in Blender and rendered in Eevee! :heart:

Any critiques and feedbacks are highly appreciated :wink:

EDIT: I forgot to mention, but this character has a total of 22,349 tris, and two 4k texture sets that includes albedo, roughness, normal and metalness maps. Base textures were sourced from Texture Haven, CC0 Textures and CGBookcase.


Awesome result man. Congratulation

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Thanks! Your work’s a huge inspiration :wink: