Realistic 3d character models with textures needed (PAID)

I am looking for someone who can do realistic 3d character model with realistic eye’s.I need 2 character models with textures and eye’s in realistic.This is a paid project and for budget that will depend upon freelancers charges but i will need realistic 3d character model with realistic eyes.But if possible then i can agree for stylized 3d character models for stylized eyes as well.As i am doing 2 big fanmade projects named One piece great war and Avengers war against Galactus and for one of these 2 projects i need 2 more character models with textures either in realistic or are some sample references for the realistic style which i need.

Contact via email or via discord
Email [email protected]
Discord Sank#6150
Also please don’t ask for too much budget as for 1 model with textures i cannot agree for $2000 as many artists asked for $2000 but that much will not be possible for me to give for only 1 character model so please kindly provide any lower charges or negotiation regarding budget.

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