Realistic Atmosphere In Cycles

Nvm, what I showed you in July is trash. I made a better one. Still Eevee. I avoid using cycles because of the slow render.

Hi DevilFX,

Awesome shaders! I’ve been playing with the V2 and V3. I’m running into an issue for some reason. Trying to put a star image as an environment texture for the background, which works fine in your v2…but in V3 I can’t get it to work. The stars won’t show up.

Using Blender 2.9. If I use a basic sphere, I can place in the star environment texture. I open my file with your shader V3, try to add in the stars…nothing. Same issue in Blender 2.8.

Sometimes I get a pink layer over the earth…not sure why Blender is suggesting I’m missing a texture…or Blender is trying to play the stars over the Earth…?

I also have a sun flare going on too…but even if I turn it on/off…still no stars.

Attached are some screen shots…I’m sure it’s me, any help would be appreciated.