Realistic Beer Bottle with Condensation

bottle%20closeup !
Hey Guys I wanted to put some product renders in my portfolio so here is a “realistic” beer bottle before I add the label. I’m honestly still amazed by what Cycles can do with caustics.


Looks really good. Better than anything I could do.

I think it still needs some condensation/water droplets running down the bottles. Maybe even some small drops or puddles on the ground at the base of the bottles.

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maybe also add a texture to simulate the fogginess from those micro condensation drops
quick examples:

with some running drops there.
In a hot day…seeing this fogginess makes me drink whatever is inside.:hot_face:

That’s a good idea i’ll model and maybe sculpt some longer droplets running down the bottle. Thanks!

I was looking into the fogginess and I’m torn between making a procedural texture or fog or a new particle system of small bubbles. Also those are wonderful example macro shots and it’s appreciated.

This may give you some ideas.