Realistic Bubble Material?

Does anyone know how to make realistic bubbles? (Soap bubbles)

a glass shader with IOR 1.1. and you can use a noise texture for the color. in stead of glass you can use a mix of gloss/transparent node. it can be faster to render sometimes. use a layer weight (fresnel) to blend those 2 shaders together.

are you really 11 yrs old ?? cool

After given recipe came up with this craziness:)… Bubbly enough? Comes up slowly tho.
Should be done easier i think, but if you need this just mention.

wow i can imagine it comes slow with such a huge node-noodle. lol

a quick noodle >> the emitter i added should be giving a glare with compositing :wink:

what emitter ??? i have to show and put the image of course. how stupid :S

If you have cycles you can get a great effect simply with the glass setting and some dispersion.

@Blutarsky: is this freshly built-in Gamma or what? I have r.42105 and don’t see anything like it :(.
@m9105826: may i ask for some 1/4 pound of that dispersion :)? Kidding aside, could you share ‘how to’?

P.S. @Blutarsky - actually it wasn’t so slow, i just had turned CPU rendering for a while…

where is i ths gamma node ?

need new SVN for this ?

but these bubbles looks very good the best i’v seen up to now in blender!

see pic


got the gamma node in SVN 722!

can you give the values for the different parameters
some are difficults to read !

also how come it is so fast ?

happy 2.6

speed, yes sometimes a mix shader of gloss/transparent with fresnel does a better job and a lot faster. glass is nice but slow. (and caustics aren’t working good yet). glass material, sorry shader does a magnification effect you don’t always want.

@eppo : let’s share the 1/4 pound :P, think he meant gamma correction as well. dispersion of the camera lens will distort everything IMO.

how come i don’t get the transparent effect se pic in earlier post !

it’s all colored but not transp!

any new cycles features coming soon ?


show the node-noodle …

i lowered a ot the Glossy but even that don’t seems to change a lot !


the emission seems to create strong reflection on the floor !
i tried even to reduce ot almost black but with such a high emission it still creates some relfections!

happy 2.6

Ok, bubble nodes -

and .blend
@RickyBlender - too much Glossy could be diluted by mixing with one additional Transparent what i actually did here.

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did some testing

1 - why don’t we see the floor in render ?

2 -also if you increase the big emission circle at top larger then it wash out the buble a lot
so seems to be valid only in darkness or almost darkness with small light sources!

this effect might be use for north light may be if possible to show in a larger bubble = sky

happy 2.5

  1. see node setup for the floor… :slight_smile:

  2. you got me there… :slight_smile: I did not test this on big areas with light coming from everywhere as that probably would need a bit different settings. Bubbles are nice while there are neat surroundings to reflect, like i did 2 light sources above and white from under, to reflect. Also rainbow, which turns into slightly brownish on surfaces close to tangent to light, look a lot more convincing on this grey background (i’m still not happy with swirls of rainbow tho).

  3. So as i said, craziness, and generally looks good imho, but, as is. One needs to model connecting surfaces between bubbles, which should be flat.

Last i could defend myself is that general idea is somewhere there - make swirly rainbowy texture reflect and let light through :slight_smile:

Happy blending!

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