realistic car

i was once wondering how to make a very realistick
car whithout going into high poly
i’v already tried yafray

but i’d like it as real as this
but a car instead.

could any one recomend a plugin that can do that

Indigo renders nicely… You wanna try that…

what does it look like

Indigo is an external renderer that blender accesses via the Blendigo script. It’s very easy to achieve realistic results, though it’s infamous for it’s slow pace. Have a look at the tutorial below, and do a bit of experimentation. I recommend you start of will some simple models (I did a rubix cube) as the material system takes a bit to get used to.

That covers installation and rendering. Good Luck.

i have indigo now
and as you said it’s very slow.
but i can’t find any good tutorials
iv tried
but it does not tell me much

Thats quite an old tutorial and I think it has been rendered obsolete by the one I posted…

When rendering things in Indigo you go through a few main steps.

  • Scene Creation; I think you’ve done that. Make sure its lit by a single sun lamp.
  • Materials Tweaking; Indigo has to convert your materials to its own format and doesn’t always do it the way you want. Reflections are the main thing I end up tweaking, as well as changing a few diffuse materials to phong.
  • Environment Setup; This includes altering the background in Blendigo to something suitable to your project. For realism go for the Physical Sky + Sun, but sometimes using a HDRi image is a better choice.
  • Render Setup; choose your image size etc. etc.
  • Hit the render button and hope for the best.

Thats not going into detail, just a very simple overview. Im still learning Indigo myself (see my S7 and Wyvern WIP’s for my efforts so far) so until I fully understand it myself I won’t try teaching it to avoid misleading you.

here are some pic’s of some renders

Looks good… and it’s good to see that you’ve started nice and simple before trying to render your car. Good Luck!

yes but there is a problom with that.
it show’s normals on indigo.
and i know its ctr+n
but it moves somewere else
here is a picture i did over night.
sorry the picture failed to loade i’l try again later.

If Normal Errors wont just disappear with Ctrl-N and simply move somewhere else, then there is still something causing the error. Probably interior faces.

how would i fix that

Going in and manually deleting them can be the long answer, but trying functions like ‘remove doubles’ and such can shortcut it. Of course, I haven’t done much indigo work, so thats a guess at your problem / solution.

Find out how to network indigo, that should speed up rendertimes.

Or just leave it going overnight. LOT simpler solution.

hmm, just wanted to add my 2 cents…

Are You going for a realistic renderer (whatever that would mean) or how to make a realistic car ? Honestly, it’s not the renderer that matters, but how well You can model and how You use a renderer to Your advantage. I’d say BI is the most flexible nowadays for car rendering (thx to node materials, with which You can create very good car paint).


do you have a link to the website

BI Stands for Blender Internal, the renderer that comes with blender. And although I agree with kroni about node materials making it easier, I still think Indigo is easier to set up for super realistic results.

i know how to do materials but how do you get rid of normals

where, i was wondering, is the car?


Your only solution as I see it… that if ctrl + n doesn’t work… Is that:

  • you go to edit mode of the car.
  • then under the edit buttons far on the right there is a button.
  • under the Mesh tools More.
  • it says draw Normals.
  • Select that.
  • As you see some blue (default) lines are now pointing out of you faces…
  • (Optional) increase NSize value if you cant see the lines.
  • now click ctrl + tab and select faces.
  • then select the face from which the line isn’t pointing out… instead there is only a blue dot.
  • select that face and under edit buttons under Mesh Tools click on Flip Normals.
  • when that is done for all the faces with wrongly turned normals the mesh should then be OK.

I hope you understand.

Best of luck!

Fort Ash