Realistic Clay Material in Cycles


I’ve been trying to make a realistic clay material for a while but I can’t make it look good.

This is what I have:

But I want to make it more like this:

Any help is greatly appreciated.

The dinosaur is different… but I think I got not too far from the Play-Doh material.

The lighting plays a little part in the result but even if you change it, the essential remains: the so-called “ramp shading”.

There’s no color ramp in here but the Color Mix node replaces it and, with the Facing factor, the result is the same.

The Glossy can be removed. (Plug the Diffuse shader directly into the Surface socket.) It’s no really necessary. The result remains almost the same. Well, you’ll see. Here is the file:

Forum Play-Doh.blend (157 KB)

Enjoy! :smiley:


WOW. You’re awesome. Tnx a lot. It looks amazing.

Man stunning result, thanks for sharing!!!