Realistic Dirt Texture

I’m working on my scene which is the interior of an abandoned house and there is dirt all over the floor. How do I create a realistic dirt texture that matches the dirt in the picture.

were you thinking procedural texture or image texture?

Procedural unless there’s a really good texture matching this with a normal maps.

well procedural is going to be a problem, because the dirt is full of rocks. I am not sure how one would accomplish that using the available procedurals. how about if you made a procedural for the dirt part, and added the rocks and bump as tiling image textures? also there are all the little plants. I was thinking maybe particles?

Noticed a texture that could look close to the kind of mud and dirt on the ground of your photo : and Earth/index.html

There’s the one named “hard earth” (in the 9th row) that looks rather close to the kind of ground dirt of the photo.
By reworking it to make it tiled, it could be of use i think.
With a very very small amount of normal in the Blender texture , you could make probably something of it for the ground dirt

Thanks! I overlayed it with another dirt texture and it looks great!