Realistic Female Face - Planning video Tut, need feedback on written one

Once again, thanks all.

NOObhaxor - I know. The eyes aren’t close and other things like hair, clothes, background, facial expression - all missing. I had to put something in the title to hint it was more the proportional/real end of the scale than toon, so just settled on ‘realistic’, not ‘photo-real’. For what it is I’m happy with it.

renderdemon - Thanks for the comments and hints, I respect you and your work a whole lot. (Found your tiger fur ‘test’ the other day - amazing stuff!) I’m pretty sure it’s an orthographic render now that I look at it, forgot to turn perspective on, but that aside there is always room for improvement too… Had to call it a day on the modelling at some point though or else I never would have got to the texturing. I do like the challenge of it all as you’ve probably guessed.

Really wanting to try my hand at some more rigging and animation now though. Probably including this face in some way. I’ve modelled the inner mouth, teeth and body to go with, but that’s not textured yet. Keen to do some toon stuff for a break too.

Nice work BenDansie !
I hadn’t seen your topic, and was nicely surprised to read it :slight_smile: I took a look at your tutorial, which is really well done, I found the baking explanations very precious… (though I don’t like the idea to base a texture on a photo :D).
I was also surprised to read that you used the shader I had built, and it seems to work pretty good on textured models :slight_smile: My only reproach - except for the eyes, and the fact she’s bald - is that you used an almost omnidirectional lighting, which doesn’t help to make the interesting shapes of the model / the interesting shading effects appear… Maybe you could post another render with more directional lamps used ?
Thanks for sharing the .blend, btw :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tutorial, very nice work.

Damn, this is an awesome tutorial. I just skimmed through it-it really goes in depth. Thanks again, bendansie!

No, this isn’t a bump so people will look at my tutorial more.

Well, not really.

I’ve had a few requests for a video tutorial to be made and a couple of suggestions for how to improve the tutorial. Much of it is little things that I may not have made clear enough the first time, either that or my wording might be a little off compared to seeing it in action in video form.

It’s a little beyond rumour that a ‘Realistic Human’ contest is coming up fast (see above), which I plan to enter. I’ve picked my subject - only revealing at this point it’s an adult male. Now, I figure I’ll be able to proverbially kill two birds with one stone and record my entry as far as the head texturing goes and turn that into the video tutorial. At this point, it will be more or less the same setup as the text tutorial meaning making large clear reference images of another subject match the skin of the subject I don’t have clear photos of. (It’ll become clear why when you realise who my subject is.)

One difference though - I’ll probably have to purchase a set of reference images this time, meaning a small budget. ($10 US or so.) But - keep in mind my original text tutorial is still there and uses free software/resources. That and you can select your own model and references to work with anyway.

Also keen to point out that in the same way that this was my first written tutorial, this will also be my first video tutorial - i.e. it’s bound to have it’s own set of flaws. That and it took long enough to do the text version, so the video version will without doubt take a while. Certainly won’t be out before the end of the competition, thats for sure… :stuck_out_tongue: The following tutorial is a very similar thing to what I am doing anyway with it’s own set of pros and cons. I’ve checked it out and it looks quite good. Around half an hour.

Anyway, before I start to ramble too much - feedback! If you have tried my tutorial (thanks!) please write down constructive crits. Was something missing that would have helped? Something not too clear? I really want to know before I put all the effort into doing this again!

Some feedback I’ve had already -

From doncuan-

If you could add a few lines on to your tutorial to save some other poor bastard a bit of hair:

  1. The plane that is being projected onto should have the same location as the mesh that is being textured.
  2. To get the texture map to line up, the plane should occupy the same area as the camera in the ortho camera view (i.e. the largest dotted box in the viewport, not the solid box) (remember the ortho render was used as a reference so it makes sense that the same view is used for texture projection)

On how much will be shown (in real time at least) I’m thinking I will show every part of the process at least once (preparing the images for projection, projecting, matching hues/removing shadows,etc) and then skip anything that is repeated, maybe showing stills of my progress as I go along. Trust me that it will be a really long video (well over an hour or two) if everything was realtime start to finish. I will try to avoid the ‘first chunk’ to ‘3 hours later’ shots as they bug me as well.

Final note: No. It won’t be a Patrick Stewart head.

There are enough of those.

Good ones though.

Well we had a gathering about the tutorial… and we are only modellers and dont know much about the Texturing, we know the main basics, but when we followed the tutorial and when it came to the texture, well I mean when your going to put together the whole head texture we got stuck, we dont know how to continue with it, how to line up the texture so it fit the model and so on…

Hope you understand our issue :smiley:

att3ro - I think I get you. Should be one of those things where seeing it will make it seem a lot more straight forward. Hopefully.

Also, do people mind if I use Photoshop? I made sure it could all be done in Gimp, it’s just I can do it faster and a little better in PS. It’s mainly a familiarity thing.

I think a video tutorial will complement the written tut very well. I will go through the written tutorial this evening and see what suggestions I can make for the video tut that you plan to make.

the are not too many advanced and intermediate blender tutorials out there it great to see your tutorial go so well.

the site is asking for a login

If you want a reference, Gnomon workshop has a DVD on the same topic, for Maya. Two parts - one textures a sharks tooth (fairly simple intro) and the other a human head (male). Costs of course. Also available for download.

sill - just realised that I was hosting this on the polorix file uploader, which went under in the last week or so. I’ll need to update the file. - is the current successor to the polorix hosting. I think.

averil - I have some Gnomon gear, pretty pricey at times but very good quality. This tutorial is based on what I learnt from this book:

Hi Ben, I have that book too, as well as the Gnomon DVD. The DVD tutorial is a lot better integrated because it is the same presenter all the way through, and he’s just using Maya and Photoshop, not other (proprietary?) software such as in the book for UV unwrapping and such. Also, his human model is not a ‘model’, and doesn’t fit the 3D model all that well (it wasn’t created specifically for him), so it’s a great demo of how to tweak photographs to fit something not customized for them. Besides, video tutorials can show so much more detail than a book can. Kudos for attempting one. Perhaps you should consider charging for it like Johnathan Williamson does for his. (Dons flame resistant gear). After all, your written instructions are good for someone with time but no money.

I actually work with Jonathan Williamson and Jean-Sébastian Guillemette now at Montage Studios. We’re throwing around ideas for a collaborative dvd that each lets us do our ‘thing’ on a single project. Nothing remotely concrete yet, but rest assured you’ll all be informed if it comes to pass.

I’d like to get a video tut freebee out there first. The effort into this particular tutorial (written and video) I see as a sort of ‘thankyou’ to the community for the past year or so of help and encouragement. Once I get more comfortable writing and recording documentation/training, I’ll feel much easier about charging for it. Helps me feel a little more confident that you’ll all get what you paid for. :slight_smile:

Edit - Link updated on first page.

I’m sure you’ll be a great team. I’ll stay tuned.

yeah, you can use PS :smiley: (most formilar with that xD)

Hope it comes out soon…

att3ro - I can tell you now it probably will be 2 months away. At least. I’m waiting for the green light to start on a digital human contest here on, I’ll document the texturing of my entry, wait for the comp to finish, then put it in video tutorial form. I think the planned length of the contest was 8-9 weeks.

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but that’s the plan. Obviously the written version is still there, which is something while you wait…

Okey, thanks, atleast now I know how many weeks it “may” take… but its okey for me now, because Im doing some Low poly models for my friends Game :smiley: (if you know any good more higher low poly model tutorial (not mr.boms…), because Ive done that and I want something other :D)

So keep up the good work :smiley: