Realistic fire in the BGE?

I’m working on a game (secret project :eyebrowlift:), but i need realistic fire, not fire that just sits there though, i want it to look like its coming out of a flamethrower. anyone know how to make it? your help would be greatly appreciated.

SolarJune? - LOL Yeah, that’s me. The X-Emitter’s a pretty good particle emission module - to make things faster, make your own particle calculation scripts (don’t just use the Generic one packaged with the X-Emitter if you’re going for speed - that should make calculating particles faster).

no good for flying flame, but another method for ‘realistic fire’ is GLSL shader similar to the attached - not my work, may be martinsh’s or someone completely different… i think i updated it to work for 2.5x that was all… if anything…

just thought i’d mention it :slight_smile:

GLSL_flames.blend (1.35 MB)

(and LOL at SolarJune… is that you on a slow friday night SolarLune? get all your giddy on and hit the town? :stuck_out_tongue: )

@ SolarLune. I am sorry about the typo.

Follow this:

to get realistic fire (this is a bit hard).

Sorry, I didn’t read your original post thoroughly enough. Discard that last post.

Here I uploaded all flamethrower files that I found.

thanks all!
(@HG1) thanks, although I’m not following you some of the time, but i will look up some tutorials when i have the time.
(@saeblundr) thanks for the still flame! I will use this in the game for sure!
(@ethan_n) thanks for the video, though I’ve seen that video before, and i cant get the plane to act like cloth in 2.5. do you know how to make it act like cloth?
(@HG1) thanks for the file, though i couldn’t get it to work. i don’t know why, but i don’t think it works in 2.5.