Realistic fluid simulation with particles

Hi !
I try to do a realistic fluid simulation to obtain a result as in others simulation softwares (exemple realflow). But the problem with blender fluid simulation tool, is that we don’t have “bubbles” when a fluid encounters an obstacle (bubbles :o ~ white colored water).
So i am trying to create a fluid simulation with particles, but i don’t know how to merge all particles together and how to create a good water texture.

Here, it’s an exemple of my work :

and i try to do something like this :

But the problem is, that in this picture, i juste mixed particuls render with an image of sea. And when particules are moving, the image is static. :no:

So, can you help me plz ? Somebody has an idea ? How can i improve this simulation ?
Thx :smiley:

Finally i found a solution to my problem. To convert particls to fluid, i use an addon : CubeSurfer addon.

Here i did quick tests :