Realistic Food modelling

Hey everyone,

Im looking for a modeling artists that can model some hyper-realistic food items for a project Im working on.

I have yet to confirm these items but them will be something like:

  • Christmas Ham/ Turkey
  • Cooked Lobster Tails in butter
  • Christmas Pastries/Mince pice
  • Champaign Bottle & Glasses

There will be reference photos to building from and the models will need to be as close to the photos as possible.

Time frame is approx. 2-3 weeks.

Just want to reiterate that I need hyper-realism for these models, something to this level of realism:

Please send through a link to your portfolio if you believe you can do this and I will send through finer details so you can give me a quote.

Output files required can be GLTF, FBX, OBJ, BLEND (preferred) etc but I will need the final works 3D files.



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