Realistic grass with particles (now with particle library)

Hey Guys im trying to get realistic gras by using particles this is what i have so far but i wanna get it better any suggestions?

here is another render im much happier with this one

What are your settings for this particular grass? (Uh, pardon the the pun… I think…)

It looks reall good.


here are my settings

I was really impressed with this, and had to try for myself… If you do the same…

Remember to click the “Strands” button in the materials pane, and set the “start size” to something other than 1.0… otherwise your grass won’t have any thickness at the base (where it comes out of the ground).

Bravo Bravo Beautiful Grass

Hey do you guys think that if i put these up for download it would be usefull?





very helpful.

ok i put it in the model repository and its waiting for testing and review so il put the link up when its done

That green ball looks like feather, it looks very nice. Thanks for contributing to the community!

hey this is the link for the library

I watched king kong last night, it was pritty crap in my opinion, but the effects were awsome so now im trying to make fur like king kongs, il post while it comes along